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Consulting Services

Investment Review

We can review your portfolio and help you or your investment advisor structure your holdings to take maximum advantage of tax exempt or tax deferred investments, if appropriate. We can also advise you if it appears you are overweighed in any area or taking unnecessary risks.

Retirement Planning

We can show you the various tax deferred retirement plans now available and help you establish one that is right for you. If you are already retired or approaching retirement, we can help you determine the payout option best for you. There are a number of important distribution elections that need to be carefully chosen before you begin receiving your retirement payments.

Loan Negotiations

Let us help you analyze your financial needs so you will borrow only what you need, and help reduce your loan costs by choosing the program that is best for you.

Lease versus Buy

We can analyze the terms of your proposed contracts, explain them to you so you can make a clear comparison, and calculate the cost of a lease versus a purchase. This will give you the information you need to make the right decision.

Business Acquisitions and Dispositions

Buying or selling a business requires careful planning. You need to understand both the economic aspects of the transaction as well as the tax ramifications. There are many ways to structure a business, so you need to choose the legal entity that is appropriate for you. When selling a business price is not everything. You need to allocate assets, calculate the tax consequences for the pay-off, and get adequate security for any installment notes.

Cash Flow Projections

Many business owners need help understanding their financial statements from the standpoint of cash flow. We can restate this information for you and show you where your money is going.

Real Estate Transactions

The sale of a residence, exchange of investment property, passive loss calculations, vacation rentals, and involuntary conversions, are just some of the transactions requiring careful planning. We can help you understand the consequences of these events, and with proper planning allow you to maximize the return on your real estate investment.